Who we are

Welcome and come on in!

We believe in simple things, like real ingredients, baking in small batches and not focusing on all the bells and whistles but making it all about that homemade taste.  We take pride in everything we make and putting in the extra time to offer you the best version of our sweets.

Many of our customers ask how I came up with the name Sweet Serendipity. One of my first memories of baking was making lemon meringue pie, from a mix but nonetheless it was when my passion began.  I fell in love with how simple ingredients that on their own weren’t very exciting, could together result in something that was just magical and so satisfying!  I loved discovering how to make some of my favourite sweets and experimenting until I found the version that would wow me with my first bite.  Over the years I continued to learn the art of baking and eventually began a small business on the side and making desserts for a local restaurant.

After a recent unexpected life event, I stopped to consider what next and that was when I began having fortuitous meetings with other people in the industry or those who wanted to pursue their passion for baking.   It was then that I realized I had my answer and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything other than pursuing my passion for baking and began to envision my bake shop.  My vision was one of walking into your own kitchen where you immediately felt at home and could imagine your own family baking in the back.  Where you could pronounce the ingredients that went into the sweets with that homemade goodness, simple but bursting with flavour.

My unusual and indirect path to opening my bake shop was what inspired the name Sweet Serendipity hence my logo  “A series of unplanned events in life that lead you to your destiny”.  It reminds me everyday I’m exactly where I need to be and my satisfaction comes from doing what I love but mostly from seeing that smile on my customer’s face once they bite into one of my sweets.

We’re sure your taste buds will agree so come on in and taste for yourself and let us put that smile on your face with our sweetness.

Our philosophy

Our priority is taste; our ingredients are real, baked from scratch in a kitchen that feels just like home.

Our Hours



Monday  – Closed

Tuesday to Friday 10 AM – 6 PM

Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM

Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM