We’re not just about sweets! We also make our own Jams along with pureed Tomatoes and stock many goodies from award-winning olive oils to locally made vinegars and honey.


We love making our jams using locally grown fruit at the peak of the season. We mix and match up flavours and reduce the sugar so you’re tasting more of the fruit in our jams.

Here’s this years’ crop, get them while they last!

Strawberry    Strawberry Mango    Strawberry Peach   Strawberry Rhubarb

Raspberry Peach   Raspberry Mango

Naked Sauce??

What’s that you ask? It’s the starter for any great sauce you choose to make using our tomatoes as your base. We puree locally grown San Marzano tomatoes and only add a little salt and fresh basil. We have some suggestions on the back for you, but what amazing pasta sauce will you create?

Olive Oils and Other stuff

VIRGIN – L’Aspromontano Virgin Olive Oil

Full bodied, soft and sweet with a ripe olive base and a hint of pepper. Smooth creamy finish.
Ideal Pairings
Marinating, stir frying, sauteing and baking. An excellent general purpose olive oil. Great for making kale chips!
Notable Mentions
The only known true virgin (as opposed to extra virgin) olive oil sold in Canada.

MAURO – Terre Di San Mauro

Moderately green and charismatic with complex layers of parsley, pear and pine nuts. Bitter and spicy with a sweet finish.
Ideal Pairings
Delicate greens, simple leafy or bean salads, fish and exotic dishes or drizzled on your favourite ice-cream!
Notable Mentions
  • Gold Medal, New York International Olive Oil Competition, 2013
  • 2011 Silver Medal Light Fruit, Olive d’Or SIAL Canada
  • 1st place, Light & Fruity, Der Feinschmecker 2010
  • One of the top 250 of the World’s Best, Der Feinschmecker, 2012

OTTO – L’Ottobratico Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Notes of artichoke, sour apple and bitter banana with a distinct vegetale base. Smooth and clean with a spicy finish.
Ideal Pairings
Bitter greens, tomato salad, pesto, soup, stew and fish.
Notable Mentions
  • Gold Medal, New York International Olive Oil Competition, 2014
  • Gold Medal Light Fruit, Olive d’Or SIAL Canada 2012, 2011
  • Intl. Champion, Best of Italy & Gran Prestige Gold Medal, Terra Olivo 2010
  • Ranked #1 for Value, Olive Oil, by Charles Quest-Ritson

Sarafino Mustards

We carry Apple or Maple Mustard, locally made and great for marinating or added flavour in your salad or meat dressings.

Flavoured Vinegars made locally by Vinegar Lady

For ten years she has been quietly working her magic in some of the finest restaurants in Canada. Delicately balanced and full of fresh fruit flavour her carefully constructed artisan vinegars sparkle on salads.

We carry RUSH Raspberry, BWHAM! BAM! Blackberry, AH! BUT A BING! Cherry, SHE’S A PEACH, RARE PEAR and BLUE STOCKING.

Nude Bee Honey Co. was started in 2010, delivering unique varieties of honey beautiful, eye-catching jars. We carry Blueberry and Wildflower flavours.

Red Onion Marmalade

Locally made with local vegetables this is a great marmalade for marinating meats or as a compliment to your cheese trays.

Organic Maple Syrup

Érabliere Les Sucreries D’or owns 4 sugar bushes that they have acquired over the years for a total of 50,000 pipeline taps. In 2010, they received organic certification with Eco-Cert and are proud to offer high-quality maple products made the traditional way.

Why not try something new?

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