We offer a great selection of squares and tarts to choose from to satisfy every craving.  Made from scratch and big enough to share or enjoy on your own and we promise they are bursting with flavour.  Special seasonal squares are offered to celebrate the season or just because we felt like trying something new!

We have party tray options for all your special occasions with your choice of our squares in bite size pieces.


Lemon Squares We like to say they are so tart they’ll bite you back! Real lemon curd floating on a buttery shortbread crust.
Pecan Squares Perfect combination of sweet, salty and chewy, loaded with tons of toasted pecans all sitting on a pecan shortbread crust.
Chocolate Berry Cheesecake What more can you ask for, chocolate shortbread crust, with a layer of cheesecake topped off with real berries and more chocolate!

Seasonal Square

Key Lime Pie Tart and creamy with a graham crust and we use real lime juice and zest in ours

Tarts and other goodies

Butter Tarts The ultimate Canadian classic and we make ours with maple syrup
Blueberry Scone Melt in your mouth cream scones made with real butter and cream and loaded with blueberrie


Cinnamon Roll Scone
We think they’re better than buns. Melt in your mouth scone rolled up like a cinnamon roll drizzled with a touch of sweetness.
Rustic Pear Tart
Roasted pears nestled in a basket of flaky buttery crust.


Having a party or a get together?  We would be happy to make party trays for any occasion featuring our squares in bite size pieces. A little something for everyone and choose up to 3 types for each tray.



per square

Small tray

24 pieces.

Large tray

48 pieces.

Why not try something new?

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